The Campus Life Awards (previously known as the Blues and Leadership Awards) recognize the achievements and contributions of our Clubs and Societies and Campus Life Ambassadors.


Upstart Award

UC Vietnamese Club

The UC Vietnamese Club has brought a number of recurring Canberra events onto campus at UC as well as hosting various sporting events, cultural classes, and fundraisers. The Vietnamese Club has been very involved with other relevant associations and clubs around Canberra as well as getting involved with other UC clubs and societies.

Best Physical Product

 UC Thai Student Club

This year’s winner was the UC Thai Student Club. They created members' t-shirts for all new members to receive and wear when they join their club. Not only have these t-shirts been designed to heighten awareness of the Thai Student Club across campus but they have also helped boost the club morale and member engagement. Congratulations UC Thai Student Club!

On Campus Event of the Year

The UC Issacs Law Society -  Isaacs Careers Fair

The Isaacs Careers Fair was the event that won this year’s award. The event was attended by over 20 individual stakeholders ranging from private firms, government departments, and public agencies. This year Issacs Law Society offered students the opportunity to discuss clerkships, internships, graduate programs, as well as part-time and full-time positions available. The Careers Fair provided students a unique opportunity to meet, talk to and network with members of various professions and industries to help gauge the options open to them whether they’re in their first year or final semester.

Off Campus Event of the Year – UC Press Club

For their Industry Trip

This year’s winner was the UC Press Club with their industry trip. The industry trip to Sydney provided UC Press Club members with an opportunity to introduce their members to the ways in which the media business works and to make professional contacts. They visited ABC News, Q&A, triple j, SBS News, SBS INSIGHT, SBS Dateline, and BuzzFeed.

This industry trip was beneficial to the student members as it gave them a real-life experience and a sense of what newsrooms are really like. In addition to the contacts they've gained, some of their members are now in discussion with journalistic organisations to arrange internships for next year.

Academic club of the Year Runner Up

Canberra Pharmacists' Students Association

This year’s runner-up of the Academic Club of the Year Award was CASPA. This year CASPA established new links with some of the largest industry leaders in their field; as well as successfully hosting a guest speaker from one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world to come in and talk to their students about career paths, regulatory affairs, and other pharmaceutical companies.

CASPA also successfully held 10 noteworthy events throughout the year which have been greatly received by their members for their informative and engaging nature. Furthermore, CASPA has been a vital source of support to their members from both an educational and social aspect.

Cultural Club of the Year Runner Up

UC Thai Student Club

The runner up of the Cultural Club of the Year Award was the Thai Student Club. This year the Thai Student Club hosted numerous events for students to gain a better understanding of their culture. In particular, they hosted language classes, cooking classes, and a sports day. Hosting these events has helped boost student engagement and we can’t wait to see what they have installed for students next year.

Social Club of the Year Runner Up

UC United Nations Students Society

This year’s runner-up for the Social Club of the Year Award was the UC United Nations Students Society. This year they began working with embassies to provide their members with real-life experience from professionals in the field of foreign affairs. They hosted their own Model United Nations on campus with participants coming from mostly UC and some from ANU. Furthermore, the United Nations Students Society also provided its members with the opportunity to participate in some of Australia’s well recognised Model United Nations in Brisbane, Canberra, and Sydney.

Academic Club of the Year Winner

 Issacs Law Society

This year’s winner of the Academic Club of the Year was Issacs Law Society! They have been all action throughout 2017, and have informed us they aren’t finished for the year just yet! Issacs Law Society successfully held 15 events themselves and has been heavily involved in another 7 with other clubs and external stakeholders; as well as running 5 different competitions throughout the year. Common themes this year in all of their events focused on education and challenges, diverse career prospects, honouring your own worth and passion, and thanking all those who support students on their university journey.

They hosted guest speakers from a range of leading stakeholders in their field such as the Attorney-General’s Office and the ACT Supreme Court and engaged with several public and private sector organisations, education providers, non-government firms, and recruitment companies.

Earlier in the year, they introduced a Wellbeing Portfolio to their club. This Portfolio was introduced specifically to assist students with their overall wellbeing while at university and in their everyday lives due to the high risk of Mental Health issues in their particular field of study and work.

This year they have also worked with several different clubs – and not just academic clubs! Some of UCs leading student support units such as SA&E and Careers UC, which further highlights their commitment to enhancing the University of Canberra community for all students. Congratulations Issacs Law Society!

Cultural Club of the Year Winner

 UC Indonesian Students Society

This year’s winner of the Cultural Club of the Year was the UC Indonesian Students Society. This year they have gone above and beyond in promoting their club and have continued to succeed with student engagement by hosting numerous successful events. They worked in collaboration with other clubs from both UC and from external sources with the goal to promote their culture amongst students. Their passion for the club is extremely evident and is reflected by the number of new members that they attained this year. Congratulations UC Indonesian Students Society, this year’s winner!

Social Club of the Year Winner

Rotaract Club of the University of Canberra

The winner of the Social Club of the Year was the Rotaract Club of the University of Canberra. This year the Rotaract Club has attained some amazing achievements. They received the Community Service Ministers’ Commendation for Group Achievement in the ACT Young Citizen of the Year Awards 2017. They became the first Australian club to join a worldwide Rotaract organisation to help rebuild Nepal and they have become the largest club in our district. In addition to this, they also raised a significant amount of money for numerous causes. A massive congratulations once again to the Rotaract Club of the University of Canberra!

Academic Club Leadership Award

 Jayde Kominiarski, Isaacs Law Society

This year’s winner of the Academic Club Leadership Award was Jayde Kominiarski from the Issacs Law Society. Jayde has been volunteering for their club and its Committee for a number of years and this has culminated in her election as the 2017 President. As President, she has been instrumental in building the profile of the club. Under her leadership, the club built significant relationships with UC staff, the Faculty, and externally with those in the sector. This year, a number of events were sponsored with external funding, and some events were held on the premises of these sponsors, largely down to her input and influence. Through the raised profile of the club, there has been a significant increase in the number of students joining the club and this has been attributed to the expansion of the club's social networking profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. In general, their industry engagement, on-campus activity and focus on student development and welfare have been a stand out to many, not just within their own committee. She is a real focal point of the club and shows leadership qualities beyond her years. Congratulations Jayde Kominiarski!

Social Club Leadership Award

Nicola Crampton, UC Liberals

The winner of the Social Club Leadership Award for this year was Nicola Crampton from the UC Liberals. She only started university this year however she has made a massive contribution to her club from day one. Nicola has been the main driver behind membership growth and has gone out of her way to recruit new members on every occasion, while keeping the committee cohesive, standing her ground, and speaking up whenever needed. In addition to this, Nicola was also the sole coordinator of one of her club's biggest events of the year which included communication with three Federal Senators. Congratulations Nicola Crampton!

Cultural Club Leadership Award

 Kenny Alvita Syahputri, UC Indonesian Society

The winner of the Cultural Club Leadership Award for this year was Kenny Alvita Syahputri from the UC Indonesian Society. Kenny has gone above and beyond to ensure the successful running of the UC Indonesian Society. She has initiated most of her club’s events and has been able to encourage new people to join the club with her bubbly personality. Kenny is always punctual to meetings and events and never fails to remind the club of deadlines. Without her dedication and contribution to her club, they would not be able to continue running at their current standard and working cohesively as a team. Congratulations Kenny Alvita Syahputri!

Lion Club Person of the Year Award

Alicia Martin, CASPA

The winner of the 2017 Lion Club Person of the Year was awarded to Alicia Martin from CASPA. Alicia has made an outstanding contribution to her club, the university, and the broader community over the course of the year.

Alicia was elected for a second term as President of her club earlier this year and is the most passionate and excitable member of the committee with her enthusiasm and infectious demeanor; providing the perfect platform for the committee to excel.

She spoke to first-year students at some of their lectures this year to advertise club events and promote the benefits of the membership with them, and you can see the students are genuinely interested and excited when they talk to this person.

This year Alicia arranged for one of the club sponsors to develop a new scholarship for a UC student which is set to launch at the annual ball next year. In addition to her role as president, she was also elected to the executive board for their respective National Governing Body and is the first representative from the club to be elected for such a prestigious role; with only 8 students across Australia on the board. Congratulations Alicia!