We seek to promote Japanese culture at and around the University of Canberra. Feel free to join us! ≧◡≦

Information for market day/open day:
UC Japan Club is a long-running club at the University of Canberra of like-minded individuals interested in Japanese culture (such as anime, games, etc.) and Japanese language. We engage members in various cultural activities such as movie/games nights, cosplay parties and conversational language classes. Each year, our club has been successful in connecting people with a common interest in Japanese culture.

How to join our club:
1. Click the "Join or Renew" button on this page.
2. Sign in with your UC account.
3. Join "2021 Members".
4. Fill out our "Membership Form" to receive a confirmation email.
5. Purchase our membership below (or linked in the email) to be accepted as a member.

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