LASA showcases Latin-American culture through a variety of activities and provides support for all Latino students at UC

The club aims to showcase the rich culture of Latin America through various events and activities and support Latin American international students at the university. The club will provide a platform for students to interact with each other, learn about each other's cultures and backgrounds, and feel at home while studying abroad.


28 Sep

UC Latin American Students Association


Forró Dance Class Latin American Student Association UC

In collaboration with Forró Canberra we invite you to warm forró night at the UC HUB We start with a free beginners class at 7pm for those who want to learn forró or want to remember the basic steps. From 7:45pm, the floor is open to social dancing. Forró Canberra is a "diversity-friendly" group where people from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the joy of dancing. We're a not gender-orientated dance group, so you can be a follower or leader regardless of your gender. Beginners class - 7 pm Social dancing - 7:45 pm/ 9:30 pm THIS IS A FREE EVENT. BECOME A MEMBER OF UC LASA NOW!


UC Latin American Students Association

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Cultural events, parties, conversation groups, and an incredible community. You will find all this and more when becoming a UC LASA member.


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