Community for Faculty of Arts and Design students at the University of Canberra

We offer social and industry events, workshops and more.

Come be apart of the social side of the Faculty of Arts and Design!


The UC Design Society is dedicated to bringing the UC design community together with fun events, workshops, and industry knowledge.

Covering visual communication, interaction design, architecture, art, advertising, marketing, and more! We are the social side of FAD (Faculty of Arts and Design).

The UC Design Society is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of design students and provide a supportive community. We aim to help support and grow the creativity of all UC students and help them reach their personal development and career goals.

The UC Design Societies’ greatest achievements include successfully running the 2020 FADX Design Graduate Exhibition, supporting students through COVID-19 through
online events, newsletters, and a discord server helping our members gain employment through our architecture studio tour, and branching into the Canberra design community through the Canberra Design Kids.

We are passionate about ensuring that our members not only succeed in their time at university but, also once they enter the workforce. We provide workshops, events, and exhibitions to provide opportunities for design students to exceed.