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UC ENG SOC Create Competition

There’s never been a better time to test your skills and work towards creating positive change. The UC Engineering Society is challenging you to create an impact in the local community by entering an online hackathon, such as:

🔵 Microsoft Protégé 2020 (https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/protege) - An online case competition to develop a strategy to assist bushfire affected communities and their stakeholders in their recovery journey.
🔵 Hack Quarantine (https://hackquarantine.devpost.com) - A global virtual hackathon battling against COVID-19 to empower people to work towards improving health, remote working, and helping vulnerable populations.
🔵 Stay Home Hack (https://stayhomehack.com) - A fully remote hackathon helping our society stay connected, productive and healthy.

🗳️ Upload an overview of your project at https://forms.gle/fDWn2ZdwNXaVxr758 before midnight on the 14th of April to enter the competition. We'll be awarding three digital prizes to teams that we love and announcing winners on the 15th of April!

❓ Does my project need to be complete?
💬 No, feel free to submit a project at any stage of completion.

❓ Am I limited to the hackathons listed above?
💬 Not at all, feel free to create an impact in the community however you like. Just remember to document your progress and upload it.

❓ What if there are multiple people on my team?
💬 That's fine! If you win a prize it will be split evenly among team members.

❓ How should I submit my project?
💬 As long as you use the Google form, it’s completely up to you. A written description of the project is required. We also recommend uploading screenshots, a PDF, a slideshow, or a video.

❓ What are the prizes and how will they be awarded?
💬 There will be three digital voucher prizes, we’ll let you know the specifics when it’s confirmed. Prizes will be awarded based on the presentation of your project, the impact that it will create, and its viability.

❓ Any other questions?
💬 Send us a message or email us at UCEngineeringSoc@gmail.com to let us know :)

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