The University of Canberra Communication Society (UCOMMS) is a fun and active society that works to bridge the gap between the university and the communications industry.


Welcome to the University of Canberra's communications society! We are a society for made up of Marketing, Advertising, and PR students.

UCOMMS aim is to develop our member’s professional skills and provide them with opportunities and support that can open the door to their dream career. We do so by providing our members opportunities to work in simulated professional environments and attend social events where like-minded people can mingle. UCOMMS invites you to network with industry professionals, gain industry knowledge and have the opportunity to create life-long friendships! We want our members to be inspired and know that they can rely on us for support and guidance! We’re also want our members to have fun- no need to be too serious about university!


Instagram @Ucomms__

Calling all Insta baddies to show off your social media skills!

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