An inclusive student-led society with the mission to support, empower and inspire Women in STEM. We hold bi-weekly workshops as well as informative and empowering events aimed at nurturing students personal and professional development.


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Our Mission
Our mission is to create an inclusive student organisation that provides a supportive and empowering environment to Women in STEM. Meetings are held on a weekly basis with the aim of nurturing the students personal and professional development.

We strongly believe in the importance of empowering women in STEM through not only supporting each other in reaching our full potential but also in inspiring the future generations and improving the STEM industries as a whole with ground-breaking solutions developed through unique perspectives and experiences!

The causes of poor attraction and retention of girls and women in STEM begin from an early age and continue into senior careers. Often referred to as a ‘leaky pipeline’, the result is a system with low representation of women in STEM education, workplaces, and senior-level leaders, and a society that undervalues the opportunities and contributions a career in STEM can provide for girls and women. At the tertiary level, underrepresentation in information technology (IT) and engineering education is of particularly significant, especially when one considers how these skills will be increasingly important as Australia transitions to a digital and technologically driven economy.

The University of Canberra Supporting Women in STEM Society will make a direct impact on these issues through its many programs and through creating a supportive environment for its members. Industry presentations and post-graduate mixers will introduce students to a variety of relevant professionals that will be able to inspire and empower our student members. A first-year mentoring program will allow first-years to be matched with students within their later years. This gives first years an opportunity to seek guidance and voice their concerns whilst building a trusting relationship with someone at a similar time in their life.