UC Writers is a club dedicated to building a community of writers at the University of Canberra. We provide writing time, editing workshops, an online zine, guest speakers, and social events.
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Hi there! Looking to join a club at UC?

The UC Writers club is a fun space for anyone interested in writing and being creative.

We have regular meeting times and get-togethers where you can meet other students who have a passion for writing. These sessions provide a space where you can get some much needed quiet time and motivation for your projects.

If you want to get some much needed feedback on the direction of your work, or would love some added input to your story, we also have sessions once a month dedicated to sharing and helping each other improve our writing skills. This is a relaxed space where members can share thoughts and ideas while we promote inclusion and respect.

Each semester we endeavor to get in touch with a professional writer who can give a seminar to our member, where everyone gets a change to have their burning questions answered about the world of publishing and editing.

We also have a second-hand book store that we run on market days, where you can get a great deal on some classic books. Any money raised by our sales go directly into funding all the clubs awesome activities and guest speaker bookings.

If this sounds like the place for you, then you are welcome to join us and get in on the fun!

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Please get in touch with us via our email: ucwritersgroup@gmail.com



Got some time to get some writing in? This week's meeting is dedicated to just that. We'll all be working on getting those much needed words onto the page.

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