Politics, International Relations and National Security Student Association at the University of Canberra

-----------------**University of Canberra's Politics, International Relations and National Security Student Association (PIRaNaS)** -----------------

**About Us**

PIRaNaS is the student-led Academic Club associated with the Bachelor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Canberra. We are an inclusive and non-partisan organisation interested in bringing like-minded people together and providing them with a forum to discuss issues relating to politics, international relations and national security through constructive dialogue. Since our inception in 2011, PIRaNaS has sought to provide our members with resources that go beyond the classroom to promote a standard of excellence in professional development and academia among students. We connect the leaders and professionals of tomorrow with their contemporary counterparts to improve our members' readiness to make immediate and meaningful contributions to our community.

Get in contact with us if you have any questions or you would like to get involved! Email us at piranas.uc@gmail.com

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---------- **What We Do**----------

PIRaNaS runs a wide variety of events and activities for our members which fall under three broad categories:

1. Academic support (e.g. regular study sessions, essay-help)
2. Social activities (e.g. regular social events, an Annual Lake Cruise on Lake Burley Griffin and End of Year Celebrations
3. Industry and networking opportunities (e.g. connections with University of Canberra alumni, industry professionals, government departments, think-tanks, embassies and high commissions, etc.)

**Honours and UC Campus Life Awards**

2012 Club Upstart Award
2013 Academic Club of the Year
2014 Academic Club of the Year
2015 Academic Club of the Year
2018 Academic Club of the Year
2019 Community Engagement Award
2021 President of the Year
2023 Unsung Hero Award