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Midday Music

Come on down to the concourse and unwind on the grass with some live music. Each week brings a new performer and their own individual style.

Future Dates

  • 2021-05-20T12:00:00 to 2021-05-20T14:00:00
  • 2021-05-27T12:00:00 to 2021-05-27T14:00:00
  • 2021-06-03T12:00:00 to 2021-06-03T14:00:00
  • 2021-06-10T12:00:00 to 2021-06-10T14:00:00
  • 2021-06-17T12:00:00 to 2021-06-17T14:00:00
  • 2021-06-24T12:00:00 to 2021-06-24T14:00:00
  • 2021-07-01T12:00:00 to 2021-07-01T14:00:00
  • 2021-07-08T12:00:00 to 2021-07-08T14:00:00
  • 2021-07-15T12:00:00 to 2021-07-15T14:00:00
  • 2021-07-22T12:00:00 to 2021-07-22T14:00:00
  • 2021-07-29T12:00:00 to 2021-07-29T14:00:00
  • 2021-08-05T12:00:00 to 2021-08-05T14:00:00
  • 2021-08-12T12:00:00 to 2021-08-12T14:00:00
  • 2021-08-19T12:00:00 to 2021-08-19T14:00:00
  • 2021-08-26T12:00:00 to 2021-08-26T14:00:00
  • 2021-09-02T12:00:00 to 2021-09-02T14:00:00
  • 2021-09-09T12:00:00 to 2021-09-09T14:00:00
  • 2021-09-16T12:00:00 to 2021-09-16T14:00:00
  • 2021-09-23T12:00:00 to 2021-09-23T14:00:00
  • 2021-09-30T12:00:00 to 2021-09-30T14:00:00
  • 2021-10-07T12:00:00 to 2021-10-07T14:00:00
  • 2021-10-14T12:00:00 to 2021-10-14T14:00:00
  • 2021-10-21T12:00:00 to 2021-10-21T14:00:00
  • 2021-10-28T12:00:00 to 2021-10-28T14:00:00
  • 2021-11-04T12:00:00 to 2021-11-04T14:00:00
  • 2021-11-11T12:00:00 to 2021-11-11T14:00:00
  • 2021-11-18T12:00:00 to 2021-11-18T14:00:00
  • 2021-11-25T12:00:00 to 2021-11-25T14:00:00
  • 2021-12-02T12:00:00 to 2021-12-02T14:00:00
  • 2021-12-09T12:00:00 to 2021-12-09T14:00:00
  • 2021-12-16T12:00:00 to 2021-12-16T14:00:00
  • 2021-12-23T12:00:00 to 2021-12-23T14:00:00
  • 2021-12-30T12:00:00 to 2021-12-30T14:00:00
  • 2022-01-06T12:00:00 to 2022-01-06T14:00:00
  • 2022-01-13T12:00:00 to 2022-01-13T14:00:00
  • 2022-01-20T12:00:00 to 2022-01-20T14:00:00
  • 2022-01-27T12:00:00 to 2022-01-27T14:00:00
  • 2022-02-03T12:00:00 to 2022-02-03T14:00:00