See below for a range of information to assist with managing your club or society, including information on funding, hosting events, fundraising, finance, discounts, Market Days bookings etc. 
Note, this information is for Social, Cultural and Academic Clubs. Sporting Clubs are supported by UC Sport.


Dont have access to your club dashboard or Club Training Site? make sure you send through a new committee contact list whenever your executive or committee changes (template below). All committee members need to be listed as members on UniOne before they can be added as Club Organisers.


Common Forms and Booking Links

Form Name Brief Description Form Link
Room Booking Form Used to request any room booking by UC Life
Equipment Booking Form Used to request equipment from UC Life
Event Promotion Form Used to request promotion of upcoming club event by UC Life
UniLodge Room Booking Form Used to request the use of UniLodge common spaces for events
Ann Harding Conference Centre Bookings Email UC Events to book the Ann Harding Conference Centre
Club Grants Grant applications for funding for events or admin expenses Available in Club Dashboard
2022 S1 Club Registration Form Registration required for all clubs to remain affiliated with UCLifex



Template Brief Description Template Link
Event Budget Template budget that can be used when planning an event
Club Financial Sheet Excel Spreadsheet that contains all club financial information, should be kept up to date by club executive. Excel version.
Club Financial Sheet Google Docs Spreadsheet that contains all club financial information, should be kept up to date by club executive. Google Docs Version (make a copy before editing).
Changing Bank Signatories Guide for changing bank signatories with template at the back
Committee Contact List List of Committee contact details that needs to be provided to UC Life whenever there is a change. This also provides admin access for new committee members
COVID Safety Plan a COVID Safety plan needs to be developed for each event your club is holding
Example COVID Safety Plan This is an example COVID Safety Plan produced by UCLifex
Risk Assessment A Risk Assessment should be undertaken before each major event that your club holds
Generic risk assessment A generic risk assessment with the most common risks during the execution of an event, as listed by clubs in their risk assessments

Warning or Expelling a Member A template for communication to warn, suspend or expell a member of the club Coming Soon
Club Report Template report that should be used by the club president to report on club activities
Lost Receipt Form A form that can be used when a reciept is lost, this cannot be used to claim funding from UCX but the club can choose to release funds using this form. Coming Soon


Guide Brief Description Guide Link
How to Change Bank Signatories Guide for how to change bank signatories when club committee changes. Guide include minute template.
How to Start a Club Guide for starting a UC Club or Society
How to Complete a Committee Handover Guide for everything that needs to be handed over to a new committee.
How to increase inclusion and diversity Some points to consider to make your club more inclusive.
How to book equipment from UC LIfe Coming Soon
How to Fundraise and Gain Sponsorship Coming Soon
How to Market your Club Coming Soon

Marketing materials guide.docx

How to set up memberships on UniOne A step by step guide for setting up memberships in UniOne


Document Brief Description Download Link
UCX Rules of Affiliation The rules that all members and clubs must abide by.
UCX Club Constitution Template The governaning document for a UCX affiliated club.
Club Grants Guidelines Document providing guidance for club grants including limitations, requirements and estimated amounts
Club Policies Guide How to implement club policies

Market Days

A good way to promote your club and gain more memberships is to set up a stall during Market Days. These occur once a month on the concourse from 11am to 2pm.

Semester 1 Bookings are now open at the links below:

2022 Key Dates

Please see some key dates highlighted below. Please note events that clash with the below dates may not be provided with any support or funding. It is your responsibility to check with UC Life before committing to a date. Dates not yet confirmed include: Campus life Awards, O-Week Market Days, Multi-cultural Week.

Contact UC Life

The UC Life team is here to assist you in any way you need. You can drop us a line using the details below or come and visit us, just note that we are often out of the office at events or meetings.

Phone: 0458 712 214

UC Life Office
Building 1, Level C, Room 24 – 38
Upstairs in the Refectory (across Refectory from Careers UC)

*Note our student entrance is hidden a little further down the corridor

Book a time to meet with someone from UC Life here