End of Year Camping Trip

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  • Saltwater Creek Campground or Little Beach Campground


    UC Outdoors Club

Take a well-deserved break away from it all. Come down to the coast (camping at either Saltwater Creek Campground or Little Beach Campground) to celebrate the end of the uni year or your degree.

This long weekend trip (24-27 October) doesn’t have much of an agenda except to provide some well-needed rejuvenation from a hectic year! 

Both of the campsites are right near the beach and provide many different areas for swimming, hiking, snorkelling, and surfing. There are many opportunities for various activities it’s all up to you. 

We are waiting till availability opens up but will be booking a campsite at either Saltwater Creek Campground or Little Beach Campground for the whole time (24-27 October), and it is up to you how long you join. We need to know if you’re coming to see if we need to book more space.

Please put your name on the signup sheet below. 

End of Year Camping Trip 24-27 October

The club will book the campground and provide any gear you need, but please make sure it is on the spreadsheet so we are aware before the trip. Transport, food and drinks are at your own expense. 

For more information on either campsite, check out the links below.