Club Registration is due 9am Friday 13th March. This will be the date that you need to have submitted your club registration and need to have confirmed an appointment with someone from UC Life.

Club Registration for Semester 1 2020 will contain two parts:
  1. Submit the online form in UniOne - This will contain details about your club including member numbers, AGM date, committee contact sheet, and confirming that all details in UniOne are correct.
  2. Meeting with UC Life to discuss the current status of your club - at least 2 committee members need to arrange a time to meet with UC Life via Microsoft Teams

Club Registration Form 2020

Club Registration Meeting Booking Link 2020​​​​


What will happen if my club doesn't complete registration?
If your club fails to complete registration and we have not been able to make contact with you in the 2 weeks after club registration is due, UC Life will begin the process of formally shutting down your club.

No one on our committee can make it to a meeting?
As a UC Club, it is expected that you would be able to attend a meeting on campus during the hours made available. Due to COVID-19, meetings are now being held online through Microsoft Teams.

Our Committee members are on placement and won't be able to meet on campus.
We understand that Uni always comes first in these cases, please contact UC Life to arrange a meeting before or after your placement. Meetings are now being held online, please arrange a time that is suitable for your committee members to join an online call.

Do I have to complete Club Registration in UniOne?
Yes, this is the only place it will be available.

Does my club need to have all of its members in UniOne?
Preferably yes, however, we understand there have been some challenges in getting UniOne up and running. For this club registration, we will accept a membership list from outside UniOne as well.

When is club registration due?
Due to the delay in communication with clubs about registration, we have extended the deadline to submit. Club registration is due 9am Friday 13th March.

What happens if I miss the due date?
If your club fails to complete the registration on time, this may impact funding that is available to your club throughout the year. If you fail to complete registration at all, your club may be at risk of getting shut down.

What is the purpose of the Registration Form?
To collect essential information from your club and ensure UC Life has the most up to date details for the year ahead.

What is the purpose of the Club Registration meeting?
UC Life would like to get to know each club more and learn the challenges that each club is facing so that we are better placed to support you. We are also looking to provide you with information and tools in this meeting to equip you to run your club.

Why can't I find my club on the form?
You must be listed as a club organiser on UniOne to be able to see your club in the list. Please contact UC Life to be added as a club organiser.

I am on the committee for multiple clubs, can I represent multiple in one meeting?
No, each club needs to have a separate meeting.